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Comments to David Weigel about Gary Johnson (21 December 2011)

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On 12/20/2011 6:11 PM, David Weigel wrote:

> Are you led to believe he's announcing as a Libertarian next week?
> thanks
> Dave Weigel
> David Weigel
> Slate political reporter

Well, he's been talking about the possibility of running on our ticket for a month or two now.

Before this, it seems like most of the media wouldn't give him the time of day.

Can't say as I blame him — he's been in the GOP's doghouse since 2001.

I've been seeing this sort of behavior towards libertarians from the GOP's insiders for years now — they solicit our time, effort and cash but they think that we're willing to pitch in without getting anything in exchange, i.e. candidates who express libertarian policy stances.

Then when we withhold that support, they call us "losertarians" and such.

The most asinine part of this is how a lot of GOP candidates pitch themselves as having "business experience." What sort of businessman offers an inferior product, then insults the potential customer for refusing to buy in?

Mike Blessing
State Chair, Libertarian Party of New Mexico

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