Saturday, March 19, 2016

2016 Annual Convention, Libertarian Party of New Mexico

Libertarian Party of New Mexico

2016 Annual State Convention

Saturday, 16 April 2015, 10 AM — 4:45 PM

Room 2406, UNM School of Law

Contact Marty Swinney – 575-648-4240 for details
Donations to defray the costs of the convention will be greatly appreciated.

Convention Schedule (Tentative)

10:00 – 10:30Registration
10:30 – 10:45Welcome and Introduction by Marty Swinney, Chair, LPNM
10:45 – 12:00Address and Q&A by Jay Carroll and David WalkerThe Convention of the States
12:00 – 1:30Lunch Break
1:30 – 2:30Keynote address by Lily Tang WilliamsMy Journey For Freedom — From Mao's Young Pioneer To Libertarian
2:30 – 2:45Q&A period for Lily Williams
2:45 – 4:45LPNM Business Meeting
• All who are registered to vote with the State of New Mexico as Libertarians ("LIB" on the voter registration card) can vote during nominations for public office.
• Only Caucus Members can vote during LPNM business and internal LPNM elections.
• Visitors do not vote in any actions or activities.
• Central Committee meeting after close of the LPNM Business Meeting.
4:45Convention Closes

Handouts for Distribution

The LPNM membership reserves the right to disavow any handouts (handbills, brochures, CDs, DVDs, etc.) offered for distribution to convention membership, as well as the person(s) doing the distributing.

Nominations for Candidates for Public Office

Anyone wanting to vote to nominate candidates for public office needs to make sure that they're registered to vote as "Libertarian" or "LIB" as the Secretary of State prints on the voter registration cards before they show up for the Convention.

So make sure to bring your voter registration card.

Participating in LPNM Internal Business

All you have to do to participate in the LPNM's internal business (changes to the Constitution and Bylaws, internal nominations, etc.) is to do the following (all steps are necessary, regardless of order completed):
  1. Register to vote as "Libertarian" so that your voter registration card reads "LIB" in the spot marked "PARTY" (lower right-hand corner).
  2. Sign up as what the LPNM refers to as a "Caucus Member." Basically, this means that you've signed the Non-Aggression Pledge and paid $25 in dues. You can do this at the Convention itself, as we'll have the necessary paperwork on hand.
  3. Pay the required amount for a convention membership.
Out-of-State Visitors
  1. All national-level candidates (for President, National Chair, LNC spots, etc.) are responsible for covering their own expenses, including but not limited to travel, meals, and lodging. They are, of course, free to solicit financial or other support from individual LPNM members, but the LPNM will not expend organizational resources for this purpose.
  2. The LPNM as an organization will NOT endorse candidates for any office until they have been officially nominated by an accredited affiliate of the Libertarian Party.