Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Freedom of Choice? What a Concept!

Freedom of Choice? What a Concept!
by Ron Bjornstad, LPNM Secretary and Sandoval County LP Chair
Letter to the editor to the Albuquerque Journal – Tuesday, 7 February 2012, p.A7
7th letter down from top on web version

Political parties exist for the purpose of endorsing and supporting candidates for political office. It should be up to the individuals who have chosen to belong to that organization to determine to whom they will give their endorsement and support. Why, as a nonmember, should I get to decide who you and your party will support?

No voter is prevented from joining a political party if he or she desires, thus having input into that party's candidate selection. No individual is required to belong to a party in order to run for office, although the state election code does put up sizable road blocks to anyone wishing to run without a party endorsement.

The whole problem of voter disenfranchisement exists because the government sanctions and, in fact actually helps finance, some political parties with taxpayer money. Any party wishing to hold a primary election to determine to whom it will give its endorsement and support, should do at its own expense, not that of the taxpayer.

Any individual or group should be able endorse or support any candidate they choose, without government sanction or financial support, and that individual or the members of that organization should have the sole right to determine the recipient of that support.


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